Looming security concerns and dreary weather couldn't stop the thousands that attended Boston Calling from rocking, hip-hopping and indie-popping all weekend. 

The festival went on with minor hiccups like singer Solange canceling last minute, causing festival organizers to replace her with the rap trio Migos. 

I'm really really sorry/sad about this but I fought hard to only give u my best, & tons of production drama/delays got all up in the way:( https://t.co/sy8rFQ9kCq— solange knowles (@solangeknowles) May 25, 2017

@Boston_Calling What is your policy on getting money back, if an artist cancels/ the reason you got these tickets (Solange) backed out last minute— Kevin Dillon (@ETKevinsMind) May 25, 2017

@Boston_Calling @Migos how are u gonna replace her w a homophobic act like that when she represents the opposite?— Rocío Del Mar (@rocidelmarcita) May 25, 2017

This year, the festival made the move from Government Center to the Harvard Athletic Complex in Allston. The new location earned mixed reviews from concertgoers, particularly due to transportation inconveniences and longer lines.

@Boston_Calling please find a new location that is not so incredibly disruptive to families living in Cambridge.— Ashley (@almostpolitical) May 27, 2017

Hey @Boston_Calling the ONLY thing you did well is keep people from smoking at an outdoor fest. Now we can live longer to stand in lines.— Paul (@pwm112) May 27, 2017

We heard you & are making adjustments to improve lines and flow today. We appreciate your feedback as we learn from day one. #BostonCalling— Boston Calling (@Boston_Calling) May 27, 2017

However, some welcomed a venue with more space and the ability to host a more diverse lineup of artists. 

"This is my fourth time here," said Ayesheh Nims of Glastonbury, CT. "I liked the old venue because it was in downtown so you could just go out afterwards ... the fact that it was centralized, I liked that it was closer and everything, but the fact that this has a ferris wheel and there's so much more space. The driving part was kind of crazy though, like our Uber took like 45 minutes just to turn around and get to us, but the venue itself is very cool, and the fact that they have more people and three stages versus the two, I think that's pretty cool."

Festival organizers and Boston Police announced plans to up their security efforts following the May 22 terrorist attack that happened during an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. Concertgoers did not let the concerns sway them from attending. 

"You've got to live, you've got to live your life," said Yasmeen from Boston, who preferred not to give her last name. "I'm gonna have a good time. You only live once, right?"

"You think of how many events happen at the same time every year, and that's just one in a million ... I felt pretty safe coming in," said Patrick Andrew of Boston.

Fans turned out in large numbers to see the various acts, which included Francis and the Lights, Bon Iver, Chance the Rapper and more. They brought with them bubble wands, quirky outfits and good vibes.

Boston calling 1.jpg
A concertgoer waves bubbles on the field.
Jeff Porter

boston calling carseat headrest.jpg
Fans pack in to see the band Car Seat Headrest.
Jeff Porter

boston calling vundabar.jpg
The band Vundabar rocks out.
Meredith Nierman

boston calling francis and lights.jpg
Francis and the Lights channels the crowd's energy while on stage.
Jeff Porter

Chance the Rapper graces the stage as Friday night's final act.
Meredith Nierman

boston calling chance the rapper.jpg
Fans sing and dance along to Chance the Rapper's songs.
Jeff Porter