Former President George H.W. Bush is in Methodist Hospital in Houston following treatment for a recurrence of a case of pneumonia.

Bush, who is 92, has been there since Friday for observation, spokesman Jim McGrath says.

McGrath issued a brief statement:

"President George H. W. Bush was admitted to Houston Methodist Hospital on Friday for observation due to a persistent cough that prevented him from getting proper rest."It was subsequently determined he had a mild case of pneumonia, which was treated and has been resolved."President Bush is in very good spirits and is being held for further observation while he regains his strength."

In January, Bush spent 16 days at the same hospital being treated for pneumonia.

During that time, he was on a ventilator and was in ICU.

The Associated Press reports on the former president's other recent hospitalizations:

"Bush was hospitalized in 2015 in Maine after falling at his summer home and breaking a bone in his neck."He was also hospitalized in Houston the previous December for about a week for shortness of breath."He spent Christmas 2012 in intensive care for a bronchitis-related cough and other issues."Bush has a form of Parkinson's disease and uses a motorized scooter or a wheelchair for mobility."

Bush served as president from 1989 to 1993 and is the father of former President George W. Bush.

He turns 93 on June 12.

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