Since it’s inception in 2010, ChopChop, the cooking magazine for kids and families, has been helping kids expand their palates and desire for healthy food by first teaching them how to love working in the kitchen.

ChopChop’s founder Sally Sampson, a cookbook and recipe writer, began the magazine as an effort to promote children’s health and do her part to prevent childhood obesity. ChopChop can now be found in 50 percent of pediatricians offices throughout the country.

Each issue provides numerous healthy and easy dishes that kids can make and entire families can enjoy. For example, the fall edition features recipes as simple as pizza toast to more complex ones like Chinese congee. Regardless of what they are cooking, Sampson says just participating in the cooking process can get kids excited about food they would normally never try. “The kid who cooks something or even preps it- spreads the almond butter on the bread- they want to eat it and they want you to eat it. We see it over and over again,” said Sampson on Boston Public Radio Monday.

“We say teach your kids to cook, and they’ll cook you dinner. It is not a hassle when they are in the kitchen if they are invested in it. If they are part of the process, it is fun,” she continued.

Sally Sampson is the founder of ChopChop. Listen to her interview with Boston Public Radio above.