Belgium's Olympic team brought a "musical ambassador" to Rio — producer and DJ Boris Daenen, better known as Netsky.

His job is to help motivate and pump up the athletes. He went to team training sessions in the ramp-up to Olympics. 

Netsky is now in Rio and tonight, he's scheduled to rock the Belgian House where the athletes are staying. 

These are just a few of the tunes he'll spin:

"Millionaire," Cash Cash & Digital Farm Animals (2016)

Netsky says he's really good friends with Digital Farm Animals. He's loves the energy and postive vibes he gets when he plays this tune. 

"Rio," Duran Duran (1982)

Of course, you have to play Duran Duran's hit tune from 1982. Afterall, the 2016 Olympics are the perfect scene.  

And, by the way, Netsky penned a tune of his own called "Rio." The only thing it shares with Duran Duran is the title. 

You can check out Netsky's song at the top of this page. 

"Light it Up," Major Lazer (2015)

This is one of Netsky's favorite songs of the summer. It's by Major Lazer and the vocals are by Jamaican singer Nyla. 

Netsky says, "this track brings me a lot of energy when I'm facing anything. When I'm trying to do sports or when I'm going somewhere." 

And he hopes it motivates you too, so get out and run a few laps!

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