Boston Public Radio reviewed The Big Lebowski for our cinema classic challenge with film critic Garen Daly. Let us know how you felt about the film in the comments sections and if you thought in the words of the Dude it was, “Far out.”

Get your bathrobe and White Russians ready because this month's cinema classic challenge is The Big Lebowski. For the uninitiated, the 1998 film was written and directed by the eminent Coen Brothers and stars Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, and Julianne Moore.

The Big Lebowski has a way of creeping into your psyche. After one watch you may dismiss it as a rambling stoner movie, but you would be dead wrong. The indelible images and soundtrack solidify themselves in your mind like the Bernie and Phyl’s jingle. After another watch, you begin to quote the film at nausea. “The Dude abides,” you’ll say when your friend asks you to take your shoes off at their apartment. Without thinking, you’ll tell your mother, “You’re out of your element,” when she questions you about your life choices.

The Big Lebowski has become more than just a film, it is a way of life. Lebowski fests are routinely held throughout the country, where thousands convene to dress up as their favorite characters and celebrate the Dude’s adventure. The only movie that may have more of a cult following is The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

You can watch The Big Lebowski on iTunes, Amazon, and on Google Play.