Rockets exploded in a diplomatic compound in Kabul, Afghanistan on Saturday, missing their intended target, Secretary of State John Kerry, merely by an hour. No fatalities have been reported from the attack, which the Taliban later took credit for. 

Kerry was secretly in Kabul to moderate a governmental dispute. “I am sure the news was getting out that the Secretary of State had met with this coalition leadership that forms the leadership of the country, which is in great dysfunction right now,” said the Groundtruth Project’s Charlie Sennott on Boston Public Radio on Monday.

If the Taliban had been successful, Sennott says there would have been major global implications. “It would have changed the entire planet. The hell and fire of the entire US might would have come down on the Taliban in a way they would have never seen before. “

Although the Taliban took credit for the attack, there is no definitive evidence that the militant group officiated the strike and not ISIS.

Before flying to Kabul Secretary of State Kerry stopped in Baghdad to also help facilitate issues with the Iraqi leadership. This meeting, like his meetings in Kabul, were unannounced and secretive. “What’s really interesting about this is that you have Secretary of State John Kerry doing this diplomacy by stealth,” said Sennott.

The attack may have resulted in a tragedy, but it has instead helped to shed more light on the amazing diplomatic tactics Kerry has continued to use in an effort to create a more peaceful Middle East, says Sennott. “This is John Kerry really at his best. This is the swashbuckling Secretary of State…  he will go anywhere in the world, and will go in under cover of darkness and will take on the diplomatic missions. I think this is a great strength of the Secretary of State, this physical foreign policy,” said Sennott.