• Boston Herald columnist Peter Gelzinis and Vice President of External affairs at Suffolk University John Nucci were in the studio to talk about Bernie Sander's weekend wins and Trump and Cruz's spousal bickering. 
  • Cruz and Trump have been dominating the news not for their politics, but for attacking each others wives. We opened the lines to hear if you think wifegate will be the final straw that breaks the GOP's back.
  • Studies have shown irrefutable evidence that concussions caused by playing football can lead to debilitating brain issues. We went to the phones to hear if you are comfortable letting your children play tackle football despite the potential risks.
  • TV expert Bob Thompson called in to tell us what the best and worst moments of TV were last week. 
  • Reverand's Irene Monroe and Emmet Price joined us for another edition of All Revved Up to discuss the Pope's Easter speech, Georgia Governor's vetoing of the "Religious Liberty" bill and the death of hip-hop legend Phife Dog. 
  • We ended the show by asking you if there should be a fine for texting while walking.