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While the world’s focus is on ISIS as a terrorist threat and source of global unrest, the Taliban is growing, getting stronger and more aggressive, and continuing to claim territory in Afghanistan, where the fundamentalist organization has refused to participate in recent peace talks.

WGBH News Analyst Charles Sennott spoke to Boston Public Radio from rom Doha, the capital of Qatar, which is now considered the headquarters for the Taliban. Sennott traveled to Doha as part of his ongoing reporting for Foreverstan, a series from The GroundTruth Project on what is now a 15 year war.

“It’s surreal,” Sennott said. “It’s a suburban sort of neighborhood with a little compound and an armed guard out front who really wouldn’t let us much past knocking on a metal gate, it was all sort of surreal and ridiculous.”

That’s right—the Taliban headquarters in Doha is an actual brick-and-mortar, physical building, shrouded in a sense of mystery that even the most experienced journalists refer to as ‘greased glass.’

“You can’t get at them, it’s very hard to get them to do interviews, so I know I’m not alone in that frustrated journey to knock on their door with no answer,” Sennott said. “I did go to the Taliban offices, we knocked on the door, we were given a lot of evasive comments, and the long and short of it is, we did not get the interviews that we wanted, but we did ask.”

Sennott arrived in Doha for the World Media Forum, which brings together journalists from around the world… right on top of the Taliban HQ. “It’s very strange, they actually have an office,” Sennott said. “it’s bizarre to have an address for our enemy, literally, in a war where they often feel invisible.

Charles M. Sennott is a News Analyst at WGBH, where he also runs the GroundTruth Project. To hear more from his interview, click on the audio link above.