This summer, the National Park Service turns 100. It's safe to say that lots of Americans will be celebrating by visiting a national park.

But two friends — Darius Nabors and Trevor Kemp — are marking the occasion by visiting all of them.

That's 59 parks, from Joshua Tree to Shenandoah, and from remote Alaskan wilderness to Virgin Island beaches. And Nabors and Kemp are crossing them off the list in 59 weeks.

They quit their jobs to make the journey, which is partially crowd-funded, and are documenting the process on their website,

Justin Regan, of member station KNAU in Arizona, caught up with the two by telephone and asked them ... what is it about the national parks?

"I think the National Parks are just a time capsule in a way that you can hand down to your children and your grandchildren," Kemp said. "You'll be able to say 'this is exactly the same way as I saw it' — as long as we can protect it and keep it in that pristine condition."

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