Pointing out America's inadequacies is a common tactic in U.S. presidential campaigns, but sometimes the jabs backfire. That happened this week to Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders when he took on Internet speeds in the U.S.

His observation Wednesday drew a flurry of annoyed responses on both sides of the Atlantic. Many Romanians rejected what they viewed as an implication their country — one of the poorest in the European Union — did not deserve having better internet than the United States.

And Claudia Ciobanu, a Romanian freelance journalist based in Poland, tweeted:

Some Americans also poked fun at Sanders.

The truth is Romania does overall have better Internet speeds than the U.S. According to the latest " State of the Internet" report by the content delivery network Akamai, Romania came in eighth in its global ranking for average peak speeds in the third quarter of 2015. The U.S., by comparison, was in 21st place.

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