A candlelit dinner, a bottle of bubbly Champagne and a beautiful date. You tear your gaze away for a second to glance at the check your waiter just gave you. Your heart skips a beat at the sight of the three-digit number. But never mind, the stunning smile across the table is worth it. Right? Relationships come with sweet romance and accelerating heartbeats, but money, unfortunately, is often a crucial ingredient in the mix as well. Think about it: Weekly date nights, vacations, wedding, honeymoon and even divorce ring up bills of all sorts. Here are some fun facts on the modern economics of relationships:

As for relationship financial advice, maybe Destiny's Child can offer you some inspiration with Bills, Bills, Bills:

Or The Beatles can speak truth to you through Can't Buy Me Love:

Otherwise, you can just pay for a couples' financial counselor. What is love compared to bills? That all depends on you. Zhai Yun Tan is a digital news intern.