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Despite her father’s staunchly pro-life views, business mogul Ivanka Trump refused to take a stand by not answering a yes-or-no question about her opinions on abortion during an interview with Boston Public Radio.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has been criticized for his less than stellar comments about women, and some pro-choice activists have described his positions on abortion and Planned Parenthood as anti-feminist. “I don’t talk about my politics,” Ivanka said, after host Margery Eagan asked her whether or not she’s pro-choice. “I don’t feel like it’s my role, and not the candidate’s. I’m the daughter… I don’t think my politics are relevant to the discussion."

And as far as feminism is concerned, the Trump surrogate and businesswoman says her father could not have provided better role models for her, which proves his feminist ideals. “My whole life, I’ve been encouraged to accomplish great things, without any thought being given to my gender,” she said. “I work alongside my brothers at the highest level, and I think that the person I am today is a direct reflection of the girl he raised me—and ultimately, the woman he raised me to be.”

According to Ivanka, Donald Trump, who claims to “cherish” women and has publicly described several women as ‘fat pigs’, ‘dogs’, ‘slobs’, ‘disgusting animals’ and ‘bimbos,’ led by example when it comes to empowering women. Rather than talk about gender equality, he’s lived it,” Ivanka said. “And he’s advocated for it. My whole life I was surrounded by incredible female role models at the Trump organization; women doing jobs that in the late eighties and early nineties, women were just not doing.”

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