• The first votes of the 2016 election will be placed today during the Iowa Caucus. New York Times reporter Trip Gabriel called in from the front lines of Iowa for a primary update.
  • Charlie Chieppo of Chieppo Strategies and former state treasurer Shannon O’Brien were in the studio for their take on the Iowa Caucus.
  • We opened up the lines to hear what you think of the Iowa Caucus.
  • TV expert and founding director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture Bob Thompson thought that Trump's televised rally for Wounded Warriors was the worst television event of the week. 
  • Reverends Emmett Price and Irene Monroe talked about the Iowa Caucus on another edition of All Revved Up
  • Boston Globe's Shira Springer discussed eradicating Zika from Rio before the Olympics and a troubling letter from Aaron Hernandez
  • We went to the phones again to get your take on the Iowa Caucus.