Two Massachusetts scientists have won the National Medial of Science. The prestigious honor went to a local mathematician and researcher of tumor biology.
Michael Artinsays he was astonished to get an email a little over a month ago saying he’d been nominated for the national award, and asking for information for an FBI background check.
“So after a month, nothing had happened," he said. "I sort of thought. Oh well, too bad.”
Then, late last week, the MIT Emeritus Professor of Mathematics got another email. He’d won the National Medal of Science. The award recognizes scientists who’ve made outstanding contributions to science and engineering. Most of Artin’s work is in the field of Algebraic Geometry, which he says studies the relationship between an equation its solutions.
“And the solutions you study geometrically. And the equation is algebraically. And the connection between the two is a wonderful field actually.”
Also among this year’s nine recipients - Dr. Rakesh Jain of Harvard Medical School and MGH. Dr. Rakesh’s work focuses on understanding the biology of tumors, and their response to therapy. Both scientists will receive their medals in a White House Ceremony early next year.