This week’s News Quiz guests understand that the holidays are all about food. Unfortunately for some, cooking and feeding your family is a huge challenge, and Annie Copps and David Waters are here to help.

David Waters is the CEO of Community Servings, a food and nutrition program which provides meals to over 1000 people across Massachusetts with illnesses like cancer, HIV and diabetes. Volunteers deliver meals to the homes of people who can’t feed themselves or their children, and raises money for charity through programs like Pie in the Sky.

Annie Copps is a chef, food writer, and consultant. Her latest enterprise is her business Intellibelly, where she brings her 30 years of experience in the food world to cooking classes, restaurant consulting, recipe development and assistance with Community Servings.
Copps and Waters joined Jim and Margery on Boston Public Radio for this week’s News Quiz. To hear how they fared, tune in to Boston Public Radio above.