The terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday has brought global attention back to the Syrian refugee crisis. As of now, 15 states, including Massachusetts, have closed their boarders to Syrian refugees despite President Obama’s decision to keep accepting them.

“I think for starters we should take the lessons from Paris and also what’s happening in Germany right now. They are both reassessing their security protocols with respect to what their dealing with,” US. Rep. Stephen F. Lynch said on Boston Public Radio on Monday. “Better vetting is one of the steps that Germany and France is taking and I think that is something we should be doing as well.”

In addition, Rep. Lynch pointed out that militants took advantage of the Syrian refugee crisis to enter major European cities like Paris. Despite this, Rep. Lynch does not believe we should stop accepting refugees, and recognizes that not every Syrian in a refugee camp is a militant.

“You got doctors, you got lawyers, you got business owners, there are some very professional applicants for visas, for asylum, and I think given those millions and millions of refugees with a fair amount of and thorough level of vetting, I am sure we could find 10,00 we could take in, at least temporarily,” said Rep. Lynch

“We should sharpen up our vetting process. ”

Listen to the entire interview with Rep. Lynch above.