This month, we asked our audience to offer advice on how to make the best of a student program in the developing world. From dozens of tips, shared on Twitter using #NPRTravelHacks, we chose 13 of our favorites.

1. Get those Zzzs

2. Bring a Polaroid camera

"Make sure to give back. I have heard from countless people that photographers and journalists visit and never send the photographs they take to these people who offer their time and support. I brought a Polaroid camera with me, so I could give people their picture right there and then." -Molly, in a comment on

3. Check your ego at the door

4. Haggle


6. Do the research

7. Wash your hands!

8. Don't forget that student I.D.

9. Y.O.L.O.

10. Befriend the locals

11. Keep a journal... or blog

12. Self-reflect

13. Adapt

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