It is hard to find a better sandwich than a simple plain grilled cheese. The host of The Sporkful podcast from WNYC Dan Pashman joined Boston Public Radio Tuesday with some helpful advice to help you make the perfect grilled cheese. 

“One of the things that I love about a grilled cheese is the buttery, crispy,  golden brown bread, it’s not just about the melty cheese,” said Pashman.

The key to keeping your grilled cheese from being soggy turns out to be all about the way you plate it. 

"You take that grill cheese and you put it flat on a plate while its still hot out of the pan on the bottom  side, that heat hits the cold plate which turns into condensation which is moisture. That moisture sets about attacking  the crisp in your grilled cheese sandwich you just worked so hard to create," said Pashman

Pashman offered an ingenious solution for avoiding soggy bread that will also provide an interesting way to plate your sandwich. 

"What I recommend is that you slice your grilled cheese on the diagonal and then stand the two halves up like mountain peaks so you get air circulation around both sides of the bread that allows steam to escape and prevents condensation and preserves the crisp in your bread."

Listen to the rest of BPR’s interview with Dan Pashman above .