Parishioners at a shuttered Catholic church in Scituate say they will continue their 11 year vigil there, despite an Appeals Court ruling this week that said they’re trespassing.

The parishioners leading the vigil to keep open St. Francis Cabrini were undaunted by this week’s ruling. They say they plan to file for a rehearing with the Appeals Court, as well as filing a petition the state Supreme Judicial Court. And if those don’t go their way, they say they’re willing to bring their case to federal courts. The Archdiocese of Boston announced plans to close St. Francis in 2004 because of declining attendance, too few priests, and financial problems compounded by settlements from the clergy sex-abuse scandal.In a press conference, members of the parish said it’s wrong to close their church to pay for those settlements. In a statement, the Archdiocese asked the parishioners to respect the court’s decision and conclude the vigil.