As promised yesterday in our post about Oxford Dictionaries' new words, here are a few of the most linguistically nimble sentences submitted by NPR readers responding to a call-out to see how many of the words they could cram into one sentence.

From Facebook, Carrie Donovan:

Mkay, some snackable deets from beer o' clock at my favorite fast-casual digs (if I didn't already pocket dial you during these awesomesauce bants): This manic pixie dream girl and an aspiring social justice warrior just reamed a rando who tried to fat-shame the barbacoa-loving barista at the cupcakery because he got butthurt about the cakeage for a fur baby wedding, so Mx. "social justice warrior" said if he could ditch his weak sauce schedule of spear phishing grandmas, swatting under guise of "butt dial" and ditching deradicalization for a conspiracy theory about a missing blockchain and the Grexit, he could probably MacGyver himself a cake or take his microaggression and his hangry kittens to the cat cafe before the barista rage-quit and induced some major pwnage.

From Facebook, Mitzki Kotszki:

At the fast-casual eatery, fast approaching beer o'clock (wine o'clock for Mx Chris), as we became increasingly hangry for some barbacoa from the snackable menu, and argued with the weaksauce server over the cakeage fee while considering a run for the awesomesauce cupcakery next door (but feared the fat-shaming that may ensue), someone from the waitstaff began yelling about the fatberg in the ladies room, and I overheard a rando arguing about the Grexit with her butthurt sister (or maybe she was just a distracted Redditor, mkay) as her furbaby waited patiently to leave, until my eavesdropping was interrupted by someone butt-dialing me.

From, El Stone:

Feeling hangry, I set my awesomesauce iphone alarm for beer o'clock with the intent of meeting my bruhs at this new fast-casual cupcakery that I'd read some snackable reviews of and specializes in barbacoa cupcakes but charges cakeage and is rumored to be implicated in spear phishing and/or swatting but was closed last week due to a large subterranean fatberg, but on the way I either butt-dialed or pocket dialed my Redditor social justice warrior (deradicalization has failed!) manic pixie dream girl who after walking our fur baby to the cat café during wine o' clock was Mcgyvering some eyeblockers due to a manspeading weak sauce rando on a park bench and after exchanging mkays, we Euro-bants about Brexit and Grexit until I had a brainfart and in an act of microaggression fat-shamed her mom so she got butthurt, nearly rage-quitting the call until I said NBD, pwnaged her with smooth talk and then did a mic drop breaking my iphone in the process.

From Facebook, Anita Kay Wuoti:

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