• Corby Kummerjoins us to discuss a proposed 2016 Ballot initiative which would mandate that local farms and businesses produce and sell only eggs from cage-free hens; pork from pigs not raised in small crates; and veal from calves that have not been raised in small spaces. We see what you think.
  • Paul Revillestops by to discuss the GOP's attacks on Common Core and Seasame Street's move to HBO.
  • Andrea Cabralshares some insight into New Hampshire's boarding school rape case and drug-carrying pigeons.
  • Alex Beam gets upsEsty about the online retailer and discusses Best of Enemies, a new film about Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley Jr.’s epic TV battles.
  • Kara Millerclues us in to the fact that we could all be unwilling subjects in someone else’s experiment-- from the workplace to online dating.
  • The New York Times op/ed section published a piece unpacking what your vacation says about you. We see what you say about that.
  • Jonathon Alsopof the Boston Wine School swings by studio three to discuss wine apps, chilled reds, and grapevine fungus.