• 21 year old Dylann Roof has confessed to the Charleston shooting. We get your take. Was he a lone woof? A terrorist? 
  • Shirley Leung stops by to talk about Baker's Confederate flag goof on yesterday's BPR, and her recent column on the new casino. 
  • Art Caplan joins us to discuss the possible mental illness of the shoot, the FDA's trans fat deadline and early surgeries for under aged trans people. >>Read more here.
  • Callie Crossley joins us to talk about a big story out of Cape Cod, and other stories that are slipping Under The Radar.
  • Emily Rooneystops by to talk about Brian Williams's reinstatement and gives us her table on whether or not the Charleston shoot was an act of terrorism, and to lay down her weekly List.
  • Andy Hicksand Edgar B. Herwick III join Jared and Margery for a pledge themed news quiz.