Connecting with creativity and science is happening in a big way at a biotechnology company in East Cambridge and according to Dr. Robert Weinberg, Professor of Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and winner of the National Medal of Science,  “there are different ways of doing science: conduct one logical step in front of the other or make logical leaps  by putting together two ideas that previously had not coalesced, and make a big jump forward that other people hadn’t thought about. These jumps, he says, propel science rapidly and have contributed to progress in science for centuries."

Weinberg joined Nobel Prize winners and other leaders from top U.S. Cancer institutions in Cambridge April 1, 2015 to celebrate Ipsen Biosciences’ new Research and Development center in Kendall Square.

Among the subject’s discussed and studied: Why, What, and How does creativity create? And what are the ingredients of creativity?

Weinberg, who spoke with WGBH Morning Edition host Bob Seay,  says the arrival of Ipsen’s new center compliments the existence of other pharmaceutical and biotech companies in East Cambridge that will design amino acids that form potent peptides that help attack the disease process, including cancer.

Weinberg says funding is critical for research and it's been difficult to access more funding as people become more impatient with the pace of progress with cancer and other research. He says generating research findings will help create a pipeline resulting in new drugs being developed in clinics, and more researchers going into the fields of science.


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