• John King joins us to discuss the buzz in Washington around Reid's resignation, Menendez's indictment, and the nuclear negotiations in Iran. 
  • Then we check in with you about Trevor Noah's Twitter history. Should the newly-named host be judged by his worst six tweets, or do these tasteless (and unfunny) tweets suggest something deeper? (starts at 27:00)
  • Ex-con and blockbuster author of Orange is The New Black, Piper Kerman, shares some stories from her time in the clink, and makes a compelling case against mandatory minimums and for sweeping prison reform. (starts at 52:28)
  • Food writer Corby Kummertakes us behind the scenes of the James Beard Awards, praises the promise of small plates, and discusses the potential of fake meat. (starts at 1:18:30)
  • Alex Beam and Margery Egan kept missing each other at Tenebrae, and we dig into a discussion about religion and death and the solace of belief. Also embracing your inner coyote. (starts at 1:42:03)
  • Finally, Michael Nortonchecks in about children. Is our psychology cemented in childhood? Or do we have a fighting chance at choosing who we are? We see what you think. (starts at 2:08:45)