• Tonight's vernal equinox is approaching, and Jim is all about spring. Are you? Or is the snow in the forecast making you feel unconvinced?
  • Paul Reville checks in with us about the new BPS superintendent, Tommy Chang, a Charter School lawsuit, and standardized testing.
  • Then Callie Crossley weighs in on Starbucks initiating the race conversation with #racetogether. Then we open up the lines and ask you what you think  about this initiative.
  • Musician Will Dailey, our 300 Dollar Man, lights up Studio 3 with his guitar and banjo.
  • We open our mic up to Emily Rooney to talk about the Tsarnaev trial, the Olympics, and her weekly List.
  • Finally, we host our News Quiz with Richard Gaudet versus Richard Pickering of the Mass Maelstrom Roller Derby.