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When the corn dog was discovered in an Iowa cave in the 1950s, explorers dated it at roughly 40,000 years old. Its recipe has gone largely unchanged since then, though few makers use real glyptodon meat anymore.

Recently, though, the dog has had an evolutionary transformation. There's now a State Fair Brand Funnel Cake Corn Dog, a turkey and pork hot dog wrapped in a sweet funnel cake batter.

Eva: Time to reinforce the roller coaster.

Peter: This is a travesty. Everybody knows that your hot dog and funnel cake should be separated by at least one hour of staring at the butter sculpture.

Ian: You know, if you pronounce it "fennel cake" you feel a lot better about yourself.

It's slightly sweeter than a traditional corn dog, but it's not as drastically different as we would have liked.

Ian: It's basically a wiener that was hanging out at a bar and now its sweater smells like secondhand cake.

Mike: Are we sure that corn dogs aren't just regular hot dogs that are molting?

Robert: It's strange how the the funnel cake corn dogs in the Southern Hemisphere come back up counterclockwise.

Miles: It's the perfect mixture of "savory," "sweet" and "What the hell is this?"

Ian: Save your sticks, guys, for a fun craft project: We can build me a cute coffin.

Miles: I like to buy two of these and use them as chopsticks to eat my walking taco.

Mike: It's state-fair tradition that whoever pulls the hot dog from funnel cake is crowned King of the Carnies.

Eva: I love that this allows me to bring the state-fair experience home with me. If only I had a Ferris wheel to throw up on.

(The verdict: We wouldn't choose this over the traditional corn dog. But if you're looking for variety in your diet, and you still want your diet to be based entirely on stick meat, this will help.)

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