Problems, delays and lack of service as a result of eight feet of snow that has fallen in Boston in the last month,  has brought commuter travel on the MBTA to a crisis level.  Frustration and outrage among "T" riders is at a boiling point.  There are now ongoing discussions among officials, legislators and the public about  coming up with a plan and funding for  both short-term and long-term solutions.

In an interview with Morning Edition host Bob Seay interview, Paul Craney, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, a non-profit, non-partisan right-of-center leaning group that's dedicated to promoting better government and economic policy solutions, says he's supporting a proposal that would place the MBTA board into temporary receivership.

He says by  replacing the seven member MBTA board,  it would help fix the massive financial and operational problems that currently plague the organization.

Craney says a control board or receivership board  was proposed following a study by the Pioneer Institute. He says, "if the board is allowed the freedom to do what it needs to do...there's a laundry list of things it can  accomplish such as: hire outside firms to audit the entire T system to  find areas that need to reign in spending, give management better flexibility and more freedom to create a leaner operation that would reduce high salaries,  and stop expansion of the MBTA."

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