• Following Tuesday's MBTA closure, back-to-back press conferences with Governor Baker, and a unanimous letter of support from her board, Beverly Scott, General Manager of the MBTA has resigned. We see what you think about this development.
  • Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter,  Michael Moss, checks in with us about the  Aware Act, legislation that was inspired by his article last month on abusive, government funded animal research on behalf of the meat industry. [35:11]
  • Then one of the MassDOT board members,  Robin Chase-- founder of Zipcar --gives us her take. She updates us on urban mobility, road sharing, and why she biked to GBH today, avoiding all the traffic. [53:06]
  • This Old House's  Richard Trethewey discusses what ice dams are, how they might be affecting your home, and what to do about them. >>Read more here. [1:18:21]
  • Our Medical Ethicist in Chief, Art Caplan, weighs in on false memories, and the dietary guideline reversal on cholesterol. >>Read more here. [1:37:09]
  • Naturalist and animal lover  Sy Montgomery discusses the ways in which animals change our brain chemistry, for the better.  >>Subscribe to our podcast here. [2:00:20]