• Emily Rooney stops by to share her take on the Brian Williams scandal. Then we ask you what you think. Should NBC's anchor be help accountable?
  • 10 years after Larry Summers' comments about women in Science, we check in with Innovation Hub's Kara Miller to talk about what has and hasn't changed. [35:20]
  • Former Massachusetts Transportation Secretary and freshly minted Boston 2024 CEO, Rich Daveyanswers our questions on the Olympics 2024 plans and the state of the MBTA. >>Read more here. [53:08]
  • Harvey Silverglate helps us understand the kind of discretion our legal system affords judges, then we talk to you to see what you think about the judge in the Aaron Hernandez trial ordering Odin Lloyd's mother not to cry. [1:40:18]
  • Heather Goldstonejoins us to talk about on how climate change could be key to human civilization, and why and how to talk about the new age we have entered. [2:05:14]
  • Finally, critic Garen Daly gives a preview of this years 40th Sci-Fi Film fest. Will you be attending his 24 hour marathon? >>Read more here. [2:23:48]