"We do have a long way to go and President Obama's focus on  middle class economics is a policy that contrasts with the "trickle down effect" of previous policies that benefited the wealthy," says democratic political analyst Mara Dolan on WGBH's Morning Edition program with Bob Seay.

Dolan,who hosts her own show on WCAP radio, joined Republican State  Representative Keiko Orrall, representing the 12th Bristol District and the towns of Lakeville, Middleborough and Taunton, to discuss the President's  sixth State of the Union address. 

Orrall says the President speech was a, "missed opportunity to bring people together,  the economy is not improving for the middle class and many people remain unemployed,  wages are stagnant  and with  Department store JC Penny Moving out of her hometown, there are more than 100 lost jobs. "