• Governor Charlie Baker is open to the idea of a statewide referendum about hosting the Olympics in Boston. Are you? 
  • Alex Beam gives you his opinion on the Olympics prospect, checks in about the legal status of the iPhone and it's role in the Hernandez case. [30:22]
  • Jim and Margery aren't sure they could be impartial jurors in the Tsarnaev trial, could you? [53:58]
  • Dwight Ritcher , singer/songwriter, and Bruce Ferrara, music director at The Beat Hotel and The Beehive join us for a few songs. [1:19:04] >>Read more here.
  • Callie Crossley shares her take on the I-93 protest, and discusses the 2015 Oscars, the whitest since 1998. She digs into what the best director/best actor snubs mean, and why they matter. [1:44:35]
  • Emily Rooney is back from the Tsarnaev trail, and gives us a preview. Plus she lays down her weekly List. [2:01:06]
  • Finally, our News Quiz is a jump start on national Cheese Lover's Day with Giuseppe Argentieri of Mozzarella Houseand Barbara Hanley of Shy Brothers Farm. [2:21:00] >> Read more here.