The longtime host of ESPN's SportsCenter, Stuart Scott, died today at age 49 after a prolonged battle with cancer, according to the cable network.

Scott was famous for his enthusiasm and a bevy of catchphrases he mined in his commentary, including "Boo-Yah!" and "As cool as the other side of the pillow."

ESPN writes: "His contributions to the sports lexicon are writ large. But they are only one aspect of his legacy. When he passed away, he left behind so much more. He inspired his colleagues with his sheer talent, his work ethic and his devotion to his daughters, Taelor, 19, and Sydni, 15."

Scott was diagnosed with cancer in late 2007 and underwent chemotherapy, radiation treatments and surgery.

ESPN president John Skipper lauded Scott's "energetic and unwavering devotion to family" and called him "a true friend and a uniquely inspirational figure."

Dan Patrick, a former anchor for the sports network, said Scott "didn't just push the envelope ... He bulldozed it."

Update at 1:55 p.m. ET. President Obama: 'He Inspired Us'

In a White House statement, President Obama said he would miss Scott.

"Twenty years ago, Stu helped usher in a new way to talk about our favorite teams and the day's best plays," the president said. "For much of those twenty years, public service and campaigns have kept me from my family — but wherever I went, I could flip on the TV and Stu and his colleagues on SportsCenter were there.

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