The week in tech began with arguments before the Supreme Court and ended with another data breach. This time it's the clothing chain Bebe. Here's a look back at other tech stories you should know about from NPR and beyond.


Clip Art Cut: Something about Microsoft clip art really grew on us over time, so a lot of readers felt wistful after learning the company is doing away with it for good. Sam Sanders spoke with a clip art artist, who explained how she got into drawing the iconic icons in the first place.

Stir Fry Smarter: Our Weekly Innovation pick this week is the Pantelligent, which uses temperature control to help you cook your food better. Like all "smart" objects, it's connected to a smartphone app. Unlike all smart devices, it will share recipes for what to make with your clever kitchen tool.

The Big Conversation

True Threats: When is a threatening Facebook post a crime? That's the question the Supreme Court is tackling and it heard arguments in the case in Washington on Monday. Our Nina Totenberg outlines the context, and one of the other cases that could be affected by this decision is that of Texas gamer Justin Carter, who is still facing "terroristic threat" charges for a Facebook post.

Kim Jong Un vs. Sony?: The mystery behind the embarrassing hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment got weirder when North Korea, which had previously played coy about its involvement, came out and denied it hacked into the Hollywood studio. As Sony continues cleaning up, we talked with Korea experts about the Hermit Kingdom's growing cyber-espionage forces.


Politico: The Gunfight in Cyberspace

Fascinating piece about the new, online front in the fight for gun control. Advocates are forcing businesses to take positions.

PC World: Bebe Says Credit And Debit Cards Hacked

Is there any retailer that hasn't been hit, at this point?

Quartz: One Hour Inside A Crazy, 9-Floor Tokyo Gadget Store

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