On Monday, Boston Public Radio hosted a debate about the first question on the state's November ballot: changing the state's gas tax law so it's not indexed annually based on the Consumer Price Index.

Arguing for a "Yes" vote, which would repeal the indexing and mean the tax would not change year-by-year, was State Representative Geoff Diehl. Diehl argued that any tax increase should have to be passed by the legislature and not leveled automatically.

Arguing for a "No" vote, which could keep the law exactly as it is, was Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone. Curtatone argued that the tax provides essential revenue for repairing the state's bridges and roads.

Voting for the four ballot questions — as well as for the general state election — is on Tuesday, November 4th. Boston Public Radio will host four total debates about the ballot questions. Check out our previous debate on Question #2, the "Bottle Bill," here.

>> For the complete debate between Mayor Joe Curtatone and State Representative Geoff Diehl, click the audio above.