Congressman Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts's 8th District joined Boston Public Radio ​by phone from Erbil,  Iraq to discuss the fight against ISIS and his push on Capitol Hill to declassify 28 excised pages from a report on 9/11 and the intelligence community.

Lynch commented on the situation unfolding in the border town of Kobani, Syria, which is danger of being overrun by militants from the so-called Islamic State. Asked if American airstrikes in Syria were making progress, Lynch answered: "They are. But I think that the only thing that will save that village is if Turkey will intervene."

Lynch was  adamant that the fight against ISIS should primarily be conducted by Iraqi and Kurdish troops, not American ones. "It would be a grave mistake for the U.S. to introduce ground forces here," he said, "in place of Iraqis who have been trained to do this."

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