• How deep can President Obama get into war without Congressional approval? Elizabeth Spahn, Professor of Law Emerita atNew England Law Boston, walks us through this thorny issue.
  • Boston Globe Editor, Brian McGroryreturns to update us on Eric Holder's resignation (and the speculations about who will replace him), Maria Sacchetti's reporting on immigration, and Derek Jeter's last game at Yankee Stadium.
  • Dan Shaughnessy stops by to talk about Derek Jeter's legacy in baseball.
  • Under The Radar's CallieCrossley discusses "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner," Shonda Rhimes vs. Alessandra Stanley, the Holder resignation (and the Deval Patrick factor), as well as the Mary Bonuato Genius award.
  • Celtic Sojourn's BrianO'Donovan on why live music is where it's at, and where, exactly, to find it.
  • We open up the mic to Emily Rooney about the Tsarnaev trial, voting in church's and her List.
  • Finally we close our first week of the three hour show with Dann and Martha Paquette, founders of Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project, and our News Quiz.