Greater Boston host Emily Rooney joined Jim Braude and Margery Eagan on  Boston Public RadioRooney supplied another edition of "Emily's List," her weekly list of gripes, observations, predictions and ultimatums.

Predictions for the casinos to come:

1. It will take five years to start building an Everett casino — five years until [we see] the first shovel of dirt in Everett.

2. The Springfield casino will go up sooner, but will go bankrupt first.

3. The slots parlor in Plainville will do no better than the racetrack at Suffolk Downs.

4. [Massachusetts] will permanently employ one-third of the promised 15,000 permanent new positions.

5. The surrounding communities are going to insist that the money they get for being a contiguous community is not enough to cover looming issues like alcohol problems, gambling crime, all of that stuff. 

6. Dire predictions of increased crime, drug use, alcoholism, and gambling dependency will not come true.

7. Gov. Patrick's projection that it will boost revenue coffers by $200 to $500 million a year will fall seriously short.

8. Casinos will have no impact on the Massachusetts Lottery. None.

9. Mohegan Sun will come up with an aggressive road-trip plan to keep Massachusetts residents going there.

10. Traffic will not be a problem because no one will go.

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