• Allston Christmas may be an annual Boston tradition, but what can we do around the city to cut down some of the September 1st craziness? Boston.com writer Scott Van Voorhis raised the question Friday. Jim and Margery opened the lines to ask listeners for ideas. (Starts at 1:00)
  • Callie Crossley — host of Under the Radar with Callie Crossley — talked about the epidemic of American arrests of black men, and the return of Market Basket workers alongside Arthur T. Demoulas. (Starts at 28:20)
  • Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Fisher joined Jim and Margery for a final interview before the September 9th statewide primary. (Starts at 48:08)
  • Sue O'Connell was the Friday Open Mic guest. O'Connell is co-publisher of Bay Windows and South End News. O'Connell talked about whether a recent celebrity wedding was bad for gay rights in the US. (Starts at 1:09:30)
  • It was a "Jeopardy! Redemption" edition of the Friday News Quiz. Former Jeopardy! contestants — and current WGBHers — Kara Miller and Edgar B. Herwick III went head-to-head over the week's headlines. Kara Miller is the host of Innovation Hub. Edgar B. Herwick III is the man behind the Curiosity Desk(Starts at 1:28:30)