• For the Monday politics segment, former Sen. Mo Cowan and former US Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez joined up to talk about the party imbalance in Mass. Cowan works for the Mintz Levin law firm. Gomez has started a new business, 02x, which stages "eco-friendly" summit races at some of New England's highest peaks.
  • The Boston Herald described the trial of disgraced Probation chief John O'Brien as a blockbuster — 35 days of testimony, more than 50 witnesses and hundreds of exhibits. The Herald also predicted closing arguments on Tuesday would be part legalese, part poetry. But does anybody outside of the courtroom and the State House corridors care? Do you, should you?
  • The Revs. Emmett G. Price III and Irene Monroe were back for All Revved Up. Price is the author of The Black Church and Hip Hop. Monroe is a syndicated columnist writing for Huffington Postand Bay Windows. Price and Monroe discussed recent comments by Attorney General Eric Holder, who said there's a level of "racial animus" still in the US.
  • Jim and Margery opened the lines to ask callers if it's okay to go back to World Cup indifference. Will you watch soccer again? Is it time to pony up for some New England Revolution games?
  • Sports writer Chris Collins joined Jim and Margery for a World Cup recap, an analysis of LeBron's Decision 2.0, and a look at the woes of the once-mighty Boston Red Sox. Joining him was Paul Grant, former Boston College basketball standout, and former NBA player. Grant is now an assistant coach for the MIT Engineers.