• CNN's John King talked about Karl Rove's attack on Hillary Clinton, the GOP White House prospects in 2016, and the closing of Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe. King is the host of Inside Politics.
  • Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe is a South End institution: the turkey hash, sliced corn beef, the "Obama Burger" named after the commander-in-chief. Now, after 87 years the Columbus Avenue eatery is closing its doors, once and for all. Will you miss it? Why? What other haunts and eateries from years past do you long for?
  • FRONTLINE producer Michael Kirk talked to Jim and Margery about United States of Secrets, a new two-part documentary about the NSA which premiered Tuesday night.
  • Jim and Margery opened it up to listeners — are you comfortable with enhanced US surveillance to preserve peace? Should the government have its nose in your business? What was lost or gained when the NSA started going great guns on surveillance?
  • Harvard Business School historian Nancy Koehn talked about Former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's book, out this week, about the financial collapse of 2008. Koehn is the author of Ernest Shackleton Exploring Leadership.