It's Friday afternoon, when we finally get a chance to muse on hamster burrito videos and on our evolving notions of what to feed our animals.

Some people whip up feasts of liver and hamburger for Fido. Some throw some celery leaves into Tweety bird's cage or peel a carrot for the bunny. But we've never seen anyone go to the lengths this man does for his hamster.

In this video, which we first spotted on Jezebel, the chef prepares a tiny burrito — perhaps in the spirit of Cinco de Mayo — with care, expertly slicing garlic and assembling the contents with chef-grade tweezers. (He even uses a dentist's mirror to check his folding job.)

He sets out the burrito out on a tiny dish on a white tablecloth for his hamster to enjoy, while he looks on anxiously. Clearly he is not sure whether the hamster will appreciate his mini-Tex Mex masterpiece. But the hamster scarfs not one but two burritos, and looks mightily pleased afterward.

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