With just over two weeks until Bostonians elect the city's next mayor, are candidates John Connolly and Marty Walsh being drowned out by the din of Red Sox Nation? 

As the Boston Globe points out, something similar happened in 1975 when Joseph Timilty fought to unseat mayor Kevin White.  Here's how Globe's Andrew Ryan describes it:

"Timilty found himself running against the pitching arm of Luis Tiant and the home run dance of Carlton Fisk down the first base line.The Red Sox played deep into October, going to the seventh game of the World Series — thanks to Fisk — and stealing attention from a competitive mayor’s race. This year, the Sox are making another playoff run. Baseball could keep dominating headlines until Halloween, which would be the seventh game of the World Series."

So where are you on this? Do you buy into the notion that the Red Sox are hogging the spotlight and rendering  the Mayoral race a dimly lit sideshow?

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