It's day four--not just of a partial government shutdown--of healthcare exchanges across America. And many of  you have been emailing your objections to how we have been characterizing Obamacare.  We've said that the process is confusing. We've said that the Obama administration has done a less than stellar job of  explaining how Obamacare works.

A recent Kaiser poll  finds that  only one in eight Americans were aware that Obamacare sign-ups started this week.  On top of this, 51% of those polled overall and 67% of those currently uninsured said they still did not have enough information about the  Obamacare to know how it works

If these numbers seem too abstract to drive home how confusing Obamacare is for many Americans, Jimmy Kimmel simplified things and took this issue to the streets:


We kicked off today's show with a look at how comedy's funny men and women have become  the Obamacare Explainers-in-Chief.

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