Want to revamp your weekend routine? Gadget guru Ben Saren shares his picks for the best diversions in the world of tech.

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Innovation Hub's gadget guru Ben Saren joined us with suggestions on how to rev up your down time. (Not that there's anything wrong with binge-watching your favorite television show.) 

First up from the French company Parrot: the AR Drone 2.0 ($299.99) a flying quadricopter controlled by your smartphone or tablet. With a built-in HD camera, the AR Drone can take photos and videos from hundreds of feet in the air. This gadget is a favorite of tech junkies because it's infinitely customizable; with a few hacks you can make it go higher, faster, or add additional cameras, to name a few.  Check out this video Ben recorded using his AR Drone 2.0, featuring Elmer the dog in his Innovation Hub debut.

If you're looking to observe something at a slightly higher altitude than your neighbor's roof, Ben suggests the Meade LX90 telescope (starting at $1799.) What makes this gadget especially unique is that you can hook it up to your DSLR and take incredible photos of the night sky, or, as Ben says: "It allows you to get some pretty amazing--if I can say, stellar--imagery." But don't just take our word for it--check out one of these photos for yourself:

If your wallet is hurting from hefty price tags on the AR Drone and the LX90, this next pick may be for you. Dots: A Game About Connecting, is an addictive mobile game available for both iPhones and Android where the object is, literally, to connect the dots. The best part? It's free! Saren gives Dots a thumbs up, adding: "It's a great time waster." Check out a preview below. Happy connecting!