Spotlight on Local Innovators: Lars Albright is CEO of SessionM, a startup that is making a splash in the world of mobile advertising.

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How do creative people cope with setbacks? Lars Albright, former Apple executive and CEO of SessionM, a loyalty platform for mobile applications, says the road to success isn't always a straight shot.

Albright's first venture, right out of college, was a platform for sharing high-resolution digital photos back in the days before Flickr. Though it had a promising start, the company soon struggled to find a revenue model that worked. Soon enough, it was back to the drawing board.

The experience taught him some key lessons: know your strengths, but also think big. As Albright advises up-and-coming entrepreneurs: “Focus on a growth market big enough to support new innovation, where you won’t get trapped in a niche market where you are a leader but it’s too small a space.”

For further words of inspiration, check out Albright's theme song. He chooses Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds," which aptly includes the line, "every little thing's gonna be alright."