Boston Globe Editor Brian McGrory sounded cautiously optimistic following the announcement that Red Sox owner John Henry was set to buy the Globe. In an interview with Jim Braude and Margery Eagan on Boston Public Radio, McGrory said Henry would be a good caretaker.

"What we have is a guy who has laid down deep roots here, who's studied this business for a long time, and who seems committed to making this work," McGrory said. "It's a good outcome relative to what some of the alternatives were."

Henry agreed to buy the Globe for $70 million in cash.

The purchase presented an immediate perception problem — that Henry could have undue influence over the Globe's coverage of his team. McGrory said reporting would be completely separate from the team's interests.

"John Henry would be out-of-his-mind nuts, and I don't think he is, if he tried to affect our sports coverage," McGrory said. "I get the concern. I understand it fully, [but] I'm not going to be asked to change our coverage."

John Henry has kept a relatively low profile in the realm of politics. McGrory saw that as intentional.

"He has spoken out in 2004 on behalf of [Sec. of State] John Kerry," McGrory noted. "I don't think he is an inherently, particularly political person. I haven't seen him out on the political circuit in the city."

McGrory expected the same firewall that applied to Red Sox coverage would apply to all Globe reporting.

As for the Globe's current custodian, The New York Times Company, McGrory was appreciative of their efforts. There was talk the Globe would be sold to the highest bidder, but it wasn't.

"They were able to pick out someone they thought ... would have an appreciation for the Globe," he said.

McGrory is now ready to push past worries of staff layoffs and get to work.

"The least of my concerns is my job. My concern is the newspaper."