• Jennifer Nassour and Michael Goldman joined Jim and Margery to talk politics. Twenty-two days remain until the US Senate special election, and Gabriel Gomez and Rep. Ed Markey are gearing up for three debates.
  • Newton residents were riveted by news of a black bear on the loose over the weekend. Sadly, the bear came to an untimely end when it couldn't be tranquilized. Was it right to kill the bear?
  • Rev. Eugene Rivers III joined Jim and Margery to talk about a spate of shootings over the weekend.
  • So ... is coffee good for you? Bad for you? Somewhere in between? Jim and Margery try to sort out the competing information. The new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders classified caffeine withdrawal as a "mental disorder." Does that influence your daily brewing habits?
  • Norm Laviolette and Chet Harding, co-founders of Improv Asylum, showed Jim and Margery how to turn around a workplace with their outside-the-box corporate retreat tips. For example: using the "Yes, and..." method to build off other's ideas, rather than dismissing them out of hand.