Good morning.

Our early headlines:

-- Homeless Man Given Boots By NYC Police Officer Chooses To Go Barefoot Again.

-- His Holiness Comes To Twitter: Pope Benedict Is '@Pontifex'.

Other stories making headlines:

-- " 'Fiscal Cliff' Clock Ticks, Political Battle Rages." ( CBS News)

-- "Clinton Warns Syria On Chemical Weapons." ( The Associated Press)

-- "U.K. And France Summon Israeli Envoys In Settlements Row." ( BBC News)

-- "More Israeli Settlements Could Scuttle Peace Plan." ( Morning Edition)

-- "Russia Urges North Korea To Abandon Rocket Launch." ( The Independent)

-- "Egypt's Draft Constitution Divides Nation." ( Morning Edition)

-- "Egypt's Top Court Shuts Down, Blames [Pro-Morsi] Protesters." ( Reuters)

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