As the father of an almost 3-year-old, I know the preschool years can get pretty rowdy.

But what happened during a Los Angeles preschool graduation ceremony is almost unbelievable:, an organization that advocates for education reform, first posted the video late yesterday and it's been picking up steam today. Essentially the video shows an all-out brawl at Weemes Elementary School in Los Angeles, except the ones shouting and fighting are not the kids, but a group of mothers. What's most striking is the screams from the children watching the fight.

As EAGnews says it's "ridiculous" and "a pathetic display of parenting and a miserable example for young kids.."

EAGnews reports that the fight started over the one cap and gown that all the graduating preschoolers had to share. The local CBS affiliate in Los Angeles reports that the school sent a letter home. The station reports:

"A letter from the school was sent to parents explaining the incident, officials said. Lynn D. Brown, the school's principal, wrote: 'It is unfortunate that adults chose to resolve a conflict in this way in front of our youngest boys and girls.'"Several witnesses told KCAL9 and CBS2 reporter Carter Evans that the fight was actually 'over a man.'"

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