There are fresh fears about the infiltration of Afghan security forces by anti-government and anti-American insurgents after the discovery of 10 or 11 (depending on the media report) suicide vests inside the headquarters of that country's defense ministry and the arrest of more than a dozen soldiers.

The Afghan newssite Khaama Press says the soldiers are suspected of "plotting suicide bomb attacks." MSNBC says it has been told by officials that the vests were found "in a guard box." According to The New York Times, the defense ministry "went into a near-total lockdown on Tuesday after the discovery" of the vests and the soldiers' arrests. It adds that:

"The security breach took place in one of the most fortified parts of Kabul, less than a mile from the presidential palace and the headquarters of the American-led coalition. It raised the prospect that the Taliban, which launched a series of high-profile attacks inside Kabul last year, plans to pick up where it left off as winter snows give way to spring, clearing the high mountain passes and opening the annual fighting season."

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